Welcome Minnetonka families! We are very excited to have you here and look forward to representing you!

4Tonka is a nonpartisan group of individuals with children or family members actively enrolled and involved in the Minnetonka School District. Our respective candidacies for School Board this fall are in direct response to parent, teacher, and community member concerns that we feel are currently not being adequately addressed and that deserve representation in the future.
We are all running because we are passionate about the benefits of public education and believe that the Minnetonka District provides the best opportunities for families to give their children a solid foundation to thrive. If elected, we look forward to working closely with our fellow school board members, the Superintendent and school administrators, teachers, and most importantly, all of you to ensure that your voices are heard and that our schools are always something we can be proud of.
We hope to earn your votes on November 5th!
Sarah Clymer
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Julie Light, Ed.D
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Trevor Thurling
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Josh Wilcox
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Our platform

Reducing overcrowding and working towards smarter open enrollment policies, with a focus on optimal classroom sizes and optimal grade-level sizes, based on national studies showing what is best for all students.
a. What we propose will have no impact to current students, siblings of current students, or families that benefit from open enrollment.
b. We support a comprehensive study, including use of a professional and proven education-based demographer, to identify the most effective and efficient way to reduce over-crowding.
c. We support basing grade level and classroom sizes on what is most effective and sustainable for the best comprehensive student experience education given the size of our buildings.
The district says the breakeven financial point is 6,500 students. There are currently 7,300 resident students. District says optimal financial efficiency starts at 9,000 students. District currently has 10,774 students (based on audited 2018 financial statements).

Creating open and transparent communication on all topics from the Board to the community and stakeholders, including welcoming and encouraging feedback from all community members.
a. We support complete and easy-to-understand transparency on all financial matters.
b. We support a new annual survey, facilitated by an independent 3rd party, to ensure statistically meaningful questions and full reporting back to community on results.
We support creating more opportunities for ad-hoc feedback to the Board and Superintendent from community members and school district staff.

Promoting and actively working towards the well-being and connectedness of all students.
a. We will identify and utilize a broad set of independent measurements (not just academic) to assess and monitor well-being of all students, including keeping those metrics consistent year-over-year to ensure transparent, unbiased tracking of success. Academics are critical and should be the base for all educational institutions, but the well-being of the entire student body should not be lost.
b. In addition to ongoing analysis of our overall students’ well-being, we will make sure that each student with unique needs has appropriate and available support. We will enhance resources for our schools’ outstanding professionals who work with students experiencing social/emotional challenges and or mental health conditions. We will also strengthen our services by utilizing other professional organizations.
We believe every student needs to be connected in his/her learning community. Therefore, we will consider broad well-being when making decisions about school sizes, classroom sizes, academic programs and co-curricular activities.

Supporting all students.
a. We pledge, first and foremost, to advocate for all students, and we believe that many in this district need even more support than they are currently receiving. This is one of the primary reasons why we are running, to offer greater support to ALL students. Regardless of gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, academic or athletic ability, ethnicity or religion, we champion ALL students. Not only academically, but emotionally and socially.
b. We embrace and celebrate all students.
c. Further, we condemn and reject hatred and discrimination against any student, teacher, or member of the community, for any reason, especially when such hatred is due to their race, sexual orientation, religion, culture, or socio-economic background.
Our community and schools are stronger because of diversity. Diversity of race, culture, sexual orientation, religion, and thought. We cannot be effective board members unless we ensure that every student and community member is treated with equal respect, has an equal opportunity to have their voice heard, and ultimately feels valued and fully supported to be who they are by both our schools and our community.

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Open communication
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Contact us
Sarah Clymer: clymer4tonka@gmail.com
Julie Light: light4tonka@gmail.com
Trevor Thurling: thurling4tonka@gmail.com
Josh Wilcox: wilcox4tonka@gmail.com

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